I found out, is a group of 40 single-channel videos of myself singing a cappella to different popular songs, each with a different superimposed background of images of importance from recent history, all relating to the imbalance of white male power and the apathetic approach to mend it by those same men in power. The videos play simultaneously, on repeat, creating a chaotic choir of missed beats, out of tune singing and inaudible songs, all while the white, cis-male performer is blissfully unaware and enjoying himself as the world behind him is presented as troubled and dangerous. He gets to live in his bubble of happiness and opportunity, unaffected by the horror behind him while the viewer is bombarded with the resulting noise.

I found out, 2020-2021

Video with sound


Installation images from I found out at Tokonoma, Kassel, 2021

Image credit: Nicolas Wefers