Same time, same place

Feb 24 – March 31 2019

An exhibition including all artists currently working at Kiefholzstra├če 401/402

Andrew J Burford, Richard Frater, Friedemann Heckel, Joe Hoyt, Cameron Irving, Mirak Jamal, Nuri Koerfer, Zac Langdon-Pole, Raphael Linsi, Sam ML, Pakui Hardware, Tamen Perez, Max Ruf, Richard Sides, Anne de Vries, Angharad Williams

I got a friend to shoot this image for me on a busy street in Kreuzburg in Berlin. I am the hipster faggot this piece of furniture is addressing, I know that because I fit the bill, but also, it was written in English so I wouldn’t confuse the message.

Hipster Faggots Fuck Off!,2019

Photographic print