In 2014 I travelled to Nebraska for a residency at ArtFarm in Marquette. I travelled by bus from Chicago and along the way I spent a lot of time reading about gas station life in the Midwest, and came across the blog of a young station attendant who used it to document his daily experiences working in a large gas station which was peppered with all sorts of sordid tales of cruising between ‘straight’ truck drivers. Don’t let the sun go down on me was inspired by those stories, in combination with the largely conservative politics of the area and the hugely masculine form of land art in North America. I created a large glory hole in a farm clearing and positioned it at the foot of the hill to capture the last few rays of sun as it dips below the landscape. I have since recreated the glory hole in Berlin and placed it in the Volkspark Hasenheide cruising area as a push-back to the local authorities clearing of the space in 2017. The space was soon reclaimed and returned to an active ground for cruising in Berlin.

Dont let the sun go down on me, 2014-2017

wood, acrylic, tar